Transforming Your Financial Diet Workshop

Craig Ford

Instead of using the Bible as a footnote, it must the foundation of any workshop about money.

Christians who participate in the Transforming Your Financial Diet Workshop will …

  1. Get help developing a healthy Christians view of money and healthy ways to relate to money.
  2. Learn  how to avoid lifestyle inflation so they can fully enjoy the blessings of generous giving.
  3. Discover tools to help them control their spending so that they can live on less than they make.
The seminar is ideal for Christians who are overwhelmed with debt and for those without debt and a substantial net worth.

This seminar is specifically tailored for Christians and as such is not ideal for an evangelistic event for non-Christians.  Look here for questions regarding community events.

Workshop Premise

  1. Christians in North American need to re-evaluate how we are spiritually relate to money.  Statistics reveal that the more we make, the less we give.
  2. Christians can easily become victims of lifestyle inflation (the more they make, the more they spend). If we could avoid lifestyle inflation the result would be that there would be more for giving, supporting missionaries, and giving to ministries that work with the poor.
  3. Without intentional focus and honest reflection, money can easily become a master or idol.  There is a magnetic relationship between the human heart and money. Our goal is to fully master and control our money.
  4. The way forward is to highlight proportionate stewardship. The way we honor God and others is proportionate to all have been entrusted with.

I encourage people to seriously consider and evaluate how they interact with money.

After introducing the important foundational lessons, I teach participants tips, tools, and resources that will help them spend less than they earn. 

Workshop Details

The Transforming Your Financial Diet Workshop is made up of three one hour interactive sessions.

  • Session #1 – The Magnetic Relationship Between Money and the Human Heart
  • Session #2 - Proportionate Stewardship
  • Session #3 –  How Spend Less Than You Earn: Focus on Budgeting and Getting Control of Your Money
Possible scheduling times (please get feedback from your church member) – weekday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening, or Sunday morning/afternoon.
My suggestion is to plan the seminar to allow for a longer break (lunch or dinner) between the second and third session.
Some churches may prefer to have the seminar on a Sunday morning with the class topic covering session #1.  The #2 session can be presented as a Sunday morning sermon format.  The third session could be in the afternoon following an all-church potluck.

Again, dates, number of sessions, and material covered in each session can be arranged on an individual basis.

Transforming Your Financial Diet Workshop Cost

My goal is to make this program affordable for congregations of any size.

Here’s my simple policy regarding cost:

  • If any meals are served during the sessions, the congregation will organize that in any way it wishes (pot luck, brown bag, order in…). The costs of the meal (if any) will be covered by the hosting church.
  • The host church will be asked to cover any direct travel expenses. This may include airfare, hotel, car rental, airport parking, and travel to/from airport or church. Driving rates will be reimbursed at the IRS standard rate of .55 per mile.  I like to make my own travel arrangements, but will seek out the most economical travel routes that work with the schedule.

Because I’m blessed to be a missional entrepreneur, my full-time salary is provided by the work I do online. As such, I am not depending on any income from these workshops. Therefore, I do not charge a personal fee for the program. I think it’s an important message to share, and I love doing it! Churches who wish to provide an honorarium may do so, but I will not set a rate to charge for the session, nor will I entertain any discussions about payments beyond direct travel expenses. Anything beyond the travel expenses will be considered an honorarium and not a fee.

Have More Questions?

Read the FAQs page.

Make a Booking or Contact

If you are interested in discussing the Transforming Your Financial Diet Workshop in more detail or you want to make arrangements for Craig to visit your congregation, please send an email to mhforc [at] or complete the following inquiry form.

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